Tour Route

Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Anren Ancient Town – Chongzhou - Chengdu

Tour Date

Oct. 25-30, 2019


6 days 5 nights

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  • EXPERIENCE the local slow life of Chengdu People
  • DATE with adorable giant pandas
  • ENJOY Sichuan Opera performance
  • VISIT the Taoist holy mountain and the ancient town
  • DISCOVER the amazing ancient irrigation system
  • EXPLORE the traditional handicraft of bamboo weaving

Schedule at a Glance

  • Day 1 (Oct 25): Chengdu Arrival, tea-tasting
  • Day 2 (Oct 26): Full Panda Experience, and Jinsha Site
  • Day 3 (Oct 27): Mt. Emei Cultural Tour
  • Day 4 (Oct 28): Adventure/Mountain Outdoor Experience
  • Day 5 (Oct 29): Sichuan Culinary Experience, and Urban Life Treasure
  • Day 6 (Oct 30): Wuhou Shrine and Dufu's Thatched Cottage

Tentative itinerary

Day 1 - October 25th, 2019 (Friday)

Stay at: Hotel: Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden


Depart Haikou Marriott and transfer to airport.

Reference Flight: Hainan Airlines flight 7085 at 12:10pm (12:10/14:35) to Chengdu.

Upon arrival in Chengdu, guide will pick up at airport and escort to hotel for check in and afternoon tour of The People's Park: Located in the center of Chengdu, it is a place where you can see the locals singing and dancing, exercising, drinking tea, playing Mahjong at the century-old teahouses.

    Chengdu Tea House
    Chengdu Tea House

    Day 2 - October 26th, 2019 (Saturday)

    Stay at: Hotel: Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden


    Breakfast at hotel and transfer to Chengdu Panda Research Base.

    As a first-class protected animal in China, the giant panda is absolutely the city's superstar. Born with charming naivety, they are usually more active in the early morning. Arrive at the Chengdu Research Base-Giant Panda Breeding Ground at around 8:30 am where you can see the adorable pandas enjoying their playing time and breakfast.

    Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is a non-profit research and breeding facility for giant pandas and other rare animals. It is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Since many of the pandas are in their private enclosures, you can only see pandas amuse themselves outside. Usually 8am-9am is the most active time of pandas. Luckily enough you can see how adult and baby pandas are fed during these hours, which cannot be seen in other common zoos. Visiting at Giant Panda Research includes the following items:

    • You will have a chance to see a panda keeper feeding the pandas in the morning with carrot, apples, panda bread, biscuit and bamboo.
    • Then visit the pandas' enclosures and the new baby pandas' room.
    • Or see a short Panda's movie and visit the Panda museum.

    After lunch, we will visit the Jinsha Site Museum: it can be confirmed that after the decline of Sanxingdui civilization, Jinsha site should be another arisen center of politics, economy and culture in Chengdu Plain Pre-Qin period in China. Therefore, it is considered that the Jinsha site has unearthed the richest gold and jade wares and the most centralized elephant tusks in the world. After the tour, we will drive back to the city for an evening at the opera.

    Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera: Sichuan Opera is an important part of Chengdu culture. Besides the normal singing, and martial arts, Sichuan Opera has many unique features that set it apart, features such as fire breathing, changing faces, and juggling pottery. When enjoying the performance, visitors are always amazed by different facial make-ups that are changed fast and mysteriously.

      Giant Panda
      Giant Panda
      Sichuan Opera
      Sichuan Opera

      Day 3 - October 27th, 2019 (Sunday)

      Stay at: Hotel: Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden


      After breakfast, head to Dujiangyan to visit Lidui Park, Weir Builders' Memorial Road, hydraulic engineering of Dujiang Weir – Baopingkou, Feisha Weir, The Fish's Mouth and Anlan Bridge. After lunch, go to Mt. Qingcheng, which is known as "the Taoist holy mountain" and "the fifth Taoist fairyland". Take a stroll to Yuecheng-lake plank road. You can choose to take either one-way or round-way lift to get to Shangqing Palace on the top of Mt. Qingcheng. On the way back, you will have an opportunity to experience free Tai Chi activity.

      The Dujiangyan Dam, 45km north of Chengdu, is an ancient technological wonder of the country. More than 2000 years ago, Li Bing (250-200BC), the local governor of the Shu State, designed this water control and irrigation dam and organized thousands of local people to complete the project to harness the Mingjiang River. For many years the river, flooded the Chengdu agricultural area and local farmers suffered a lot from it. Due to the success of the project, the dam automatically diverts the Mingjiang River and channels it into irrigation canals.

      Mt Qingcheng is located at the Dujiangyan scenery spot of Chengdu, Sichuan province. It is a famous mountain of Taoism, surrounded by countless peaks and densely covered by ancient trees whose branches reaching the sky,  the mountain was named Mt. Qingcheng  (literally meaning "green town"). The mountain is consisted of 2 parts - the anterior Mt Qingcheng and the posterior Mt. Qingcheng.

        Mount Qingcheng
        Mount Qingcheng

        Day 4 - October 28th, 2019 (Monday)

        Stay at: Hotel: Grand Hyatt Chengdu


        After breakfast, check out and take a coach to Anren Ancient Town. You can take a stroll on Anhuili Street which is well-known as "the First Fair of Western Sichuan". You will have a chance to see traditional Chinese-style buildings and old-time manor there. After lunch, we will go to Chongzhou which is famous for its art of bamboo weaving – a traditional Chinese handicraft. Later in the afternoon, we will transfer back to Chengdu for hotel check in and dinner.

        With a history dating back to 620 AD, Anren Ancient Town is also called Museum Town because there are more than 40 old mansions and more than 30 museums, among which Liu's Manor, Jianchuan Museum Cluster and mansions in three ancient's streets are the most famous.

        Daoming Bamboo Art Village is located in Daoming Town, Chongzhou and Daoming bamboo weaving is China's intangible cultural heritage.

          Anren Ancient Town
          Anren Ancient Town

          Day 5 - October 29th, 2019 (Tuesday)

          Stay at: Hotel: Grand Hyatt Chengdu


          After breakfast join in a cooking tour at Chuancai Museum. You could experience the traditional ways to cook Sichuan Cuisine. Later on, follow the professional chef to cook some most typical Sichuan dishes and enjoy lunch at Chuancai Museum.

          In the afternoon, you will have a half-day rural life experience in an eco farm run by Ms. Gao and her families, where visitors can help digging, transplanting, weeding, harvesting some herbs and understand their efficacies; try authentic farmhouse dishes for dinner.

          Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Class for three dishes (around four to five hours): Following up with food guide, you will be taken to explore a dazzling spice market to obtain all the necessary ingredients and spices you will use in the cooking class. Get the ingredients you need, then learn about tea culture and follow professional chef to make Sichuan dishes use all self-choosing ingredients.

          After lunch, we will go to Guixi Ecological Park in the afternoon and then take a night Cruise on Jinjiang River with a cruising route of about 4.4 km, providing boaters a glimpse of the landmarks along the river in town.

            Cooking Class
            Cooking Class

            Day 6- October 30, 2019 (Wednesday)


            Group A: Depart to Airport.

            Group B: Visit scenic spots in Chengdu – In the morning you can visit Dufu's Thatched Cottage. You can try countless street food on Jinli Street to experience bustling Chengdu. For lunch you will experience the world-famous Sichuan hot pot to tickle your taste buds, then you can visit the Broad and Narrow Alley for enjoying the architecture of a style of Qing dynasty. After dinner, transfer to the airport to wrap up the amazing trip.

            Du Fu Thatched Cottage - Located on the bank of Huanhua Stream outside western Chengdu, Du Fu Thatched Cottage is a national AAAA tourist attraction. Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, lived in Chengdu for nearly four years there and wrote more than 240 poems. Du Fu Thatched Cottage covers an area of nearly 300 mu and still retains the architectural patterns left by repair and expansion in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Thatched Cottage, simple and elegant, is a sacred place in the history of Chinese literature. It is not only the poet's former residence but also a memorial temple . "Shaoling Thatched Cottage" stele pavilion on the east side of Gongbu Temple has become the landmark scenic spot and famous landscape of Du Fu Thatched Cottage .

            The Wide and Narrow Alleys, along with Daci Monastery and Wenshu Monastery, make up the "Three Famous Historical Relics of Chengdu". The historical and cultural area of the Wide and Narrow Alleys consists of Wide Alley, Narrow Alley, Jing ('well') Alley, and Quadrangle Courtyards. In the alleys, visitors can experience the leisurely and comfortable life of Chengdu, with their boutique hotels, characteristic local snacks and cuisines, traditional teahouses, distinctive inns, and relaxing spas.

            Group B: Stay at Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Airport Zone, depart to airport on Oct. 31.

              Du Fu Thatched Cottage
              Du Fu Thatched Cottage
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