WTE China 2019 Sign-up Process

Oct 19, 2019

Welcome to Haikou, China!

The sign-in table of the WTE China 2019 is set in the lobby of Haikou Marriott Hotel. You can sign in between the hours of 09:00-22:00 on October 20-22, 2019 in accordance with the following process:

  1. Connect to the hotel WiFi, make sure that you have installed the WeChat App on your mobile phone, register a WeChat account (if not yet), add the WeChat account (wte_committee) of WTE Conference Committee as your WeChat friend, and join the appropriate WeChat group (WTEChina2019_Media or WTEChina2019_Tourism) by scanning separate QR Code.
  2. Business cards and passport copy are to be provided for FAM trips.
  3. The onsite WTE staff will be there helping you verify and confirm your participation information, including
  • Confirm your personal information such as email, category
  • Confirm the information of your return flights, pre-event FAM trip, post-event FAM trip and hotel for arranging your airport transfer, hotel and FAM trips.
  • Select the WTE by-invitation sessions that you are interested to take part in.

Note: WTE pass, handbook and goody bag will be given out after the end of the pre-event FAM on Oct. 22, 2019.