FAM trips inside and outside of Haikou City will be available exclusively for invited guests and oversea attendees, which will be organized before and after WTE’s official conferences and activities.

  • Pre-event FAM: within Haikou City (Oct. 21-22, 2019)
  • Post-event FAM: other Chinese tourism destinations (from Oct. 25 on)

By joining the FAM trips, you’ll embark on an amazing journey to explore the magic oriental land, getting first-hand tour experience and discovering the unique selling points of China’s tour products. You’ll also have the chance to meet with China’s local travel enterprises, tailor make and incubate your China tour products that meet the specific demand of your markets by working closely with your Chinese partners. All this will help expand your product portfolio, differentiate your China tour products from your competitors’, form your own unique competitiveness and finally promote your sales and business.

The FAM trips are only available for the oversea travel agencies, tour operators and travel media to register. Registers can choose at most ONE pre-event FAM and ONE post-event FAM to join in. All the registrations for the FAM trips are subject to the verification and confirmation by the WTE team.

Who Can Attend?

The WTE FAM trips are only available for

  • Invited guests
  • Oversea travel agencies/tour operators/travel media

What Is the Cost?

    For overseas travel agencies/tour operators

    The Chinese local governments/sponsors will cover the cost of the local tours (accommodation, local transportation, catering, admission tickets, and tour guide).

    If you join the FAM trips outside of Haikou city after the event, you need bear the transportation cost between Haikou and your destination city as well as any extra cost which are not included in the FAM trip package.

    For the detailed cost, please click here to know more.

How to Attend?

For overseas travel agencies/tour operators

  • Register WTE 2019 and obtain WTE Attendance Confirmation Letter.

    Have not registered WTE 2019 yet? Click here to register.

  • Choose the FAM trip you are interested in and click the button of "Register This Trip".
  • Fill the required information in the online registration form and submit.
  • Receive a confirmation email from WTE team once you registration has been verified and confirmed.
  • Book the flight within 2 days upon registration confirmed and send your flight confirmation to WTE service staff at [email protected].
  • Your FAM reservation is finally secured.

Note: Once your FAM registration submitted and confirmed, please book your fight in time. Your reservation can only be secured upon flight booked and flight confirmation sent to the WTE service staff.

Details of WTE FAM Trips

All the FAM trips are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Pre-event FAM Trip
Post-event FAM Trip

There are different FAM trips after the event. You may choose ONE of them to attend.

Post-event Trip 4

6-day FAM Trip of Chengdu, China

Post-event Trip 7

4-day FAM Trip to Changsha