WTE China Closing Ceremony Held at Haikou Shangri-La Hotel

Oct 24, 2019

On October 24, 2019, the WTE China closed successfully in Haikou. Long Weidong, Deputy Mayor of Haikou City People’s Government, Sun Zhiming, Deputy Mayor of Guiyang City People’s Government, and other leaders attended the closing ceremony held in the Shangri-La Hotel in Haikou and shared the results and experience during the conference.

During the conference, about 150 international guests from 18 countries and regions experienced Haikou’s tourism resources, tasted local cuisines, and learned about relevant industry policies. After fully communicating with domestic guests, they provided valuable suggestions for Haikou’s tourism development, such as encouraging the preservation of the original ecological culture of Hainan and showing local tourism resources in a way of personally experiencing; enhancing the added value in the tourism process and integrating the traditional culture into the experience process in a more complete manner.

At the closing ceremony on October 24, with the goal of “coordinating in the development of inbound tourism”, Haikou City formed an urban tourism alliance with Guiyang City and Zhangjiajie City in accordance with the cooperation principle of “strengthening cooperation, sharing resources, complementing with each other and mutual benefits and win-win”, optimized the integration of inbound tourism resources and coordinated in the development of inbound tourism.

The Urban Tourism Alliance Community will adopt a cross-regional cooperation approach, work together to design and develop multi-destination tour product for inbound tourism, organize inspection tours for multi-destination tour product, enrich and optimize tourism products, promote the incubation, customization, launch, marketing and promotion of multi-destination tour products as well as tourism information exchanges between cities, improvement of the tourism influence of each city, and integration and development of tourism resources, and jointly build a world-class inbound tourist destination. In the future, we will gradually establish a long-term linkage and cooperation mechanism. With the deepening of cooperation, we will further negotiate, refine and deepen cooperation projects and contents, jointly construction and promote tourist destinations and the system of multi-destination tour products for inbound tourism, interact in tourism markets, jointly develop tourism, and promote the cooperation of various destinations of the alliance to develop in depth.

So far, the WTE China 2019 successfully closed. The charming Haikou allows international guests to experience Hainan’s culture with national characteristics and taste the unique culture of Hainan. Look forward to the smoother development of Haikou’s tourism market in the future and a better tomorrow for the WTE!